Our Difference

The lack of transparency in the pet food industry is a real doozy. Currently it’s nearly impossible to know the origin or actual ingredients of your pet’s food – much less how they were farmed and the standard of welfare those animals were held to. If you’re like me you’d never buy caged chicken or intensively farmed pork but you don’t get that choice with pet food.

Worse still, they can say pretty much whatever they want and get away with it. Have you noticed the amount of pet food business blurbs that say ‘CAN include grass fed beef or MAY include free range chicken’ 🙄

Not only does it sound deliberately misleading… I cant for the life of me find anything to back up those vague statements.

I’d like to finish that by saying ‘Rant Over’… but it’s not over.

These fibbers really made me double down on sourcing ethical, humane, high quality raw food that can genuinely fill that gap. And that’s why here at Gully Road Raw – Powered by Provenir you’ll get the whole story, from start to finish. Even the confronting stuff and there’s more on that below 👇

What’s better, we’re not adding any sneaky bulking ingredients (we figure you can add vegies at home while we concentrate on the good stuff ) Not to mention, there’s no dog in the world that needs rice, barley or pasta in their diet 🤦‍♀️… but that’s a story for another day.

Raw Feeding Guide

Our Meal Kit formulas are based on the following biologically appropriate feeding ratio:

  • 70% muscle meat
  • 10% raw meaty bones
  • 5% liver
  • 5% other secreting organs
  • 10% fruit, veg & seeds (you add this component at home)

I totally understand that there are a squillion different ratios and methods of raw feeding. If you feed a different protocol or would even just like to supplement kibble with grass feed beef, bones or organs, you can select products and quantities from our Bulk Produce section.

Why Grass Fed & Finished Beef is Best

There’s no question that ‘Grass Fed’ is the new buzzword…but what does it actually mean?

In Australia all beef cattle are fed on grass at some stage so the real thing you want to keep your eye out for is the term ‘Grass Finished’.

Here’s why…

Usually beef cattle live on pasture until they’re 12 – 14 months old then they move to a feedlot to be ‘finished’ on grain. This means they hang out in smallish dirt yards for the last few months of their lives. Feedlotting is the most effective way to put a lot of weight on them (and get the most meat) in a short amount of time.

While it’s not the worst system, from a welfare & environmental perspective (especially compared to chooks and pigs) – there’s plenty of room for improvement. The biggest problem with fast-finished feedlot beef is the quality & nutritional breakdown of the beef.

On the other hand ‘Grass Finished’ beef is a slower, more expensive process but is far superior when it comes to animal welfare, environmental impact and product quality.

The whole thing really needs it’s own article but until I write that – let’s just concentrate on why it’s better for us and our dogs.

Grass fed & finished beef contains the optimum ratio of Omega 3s to Omega 6s. While grain finished beef gets significantly skewed in Omega 6s favour which is highly inflammatory.

Furthermore grass finished beef is high in carotenoids and contains five times more CLA than its feed lotted counterparts. CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) is a potent antioxidant fatty acid, which improves lipid profiles and enhances the overall health of your dog

CLAs claim to provide the following benefits:

  • Improve the overall function of the immune system
  • Help aid the body in fighting cancer (there have been a number of scientific studies which have shown that adding as little as 0.5% CLA into your dogs diet can help to reduce tumours by over 50%).
  • CLAs also help to reduce inflammation within the body, which can dramatically help to reduce inflammatory reactions from allergies, which include dry itchy skin, warm spots amongst many other conditions.

So what’s different here?

Provenir is a meat processing business who have opened up a whole new world for conscientious carnivores (and dedicated dog parents).

They partner with suitable Australian farmers to purchase and process their cattle on-farm. For the animals the process is quick & painless, delivered in the familiar surrounds of their own farm.

This avoids painful long-haul travel and slaughterhouse stress. It also ensures that the meat is top quality, truly grass finished and feels a lot better to those who care about animal welfare.

Please don’t come at me…I think it’s important to have these conversations so we can find a better way to feed our pets.

(If you’d like to know more about the actual slaughter process – I’ve linked to that at the bottom of this page 👇)

….Anyway, while all the premium beef selections are sent to fancy people like Neil Perry and the dudes from Masterchef, there’s still a fair bit left over… and that’s where we come in.

We’re repurposing muscle meat, organ and bones to provide a top quality, high welfare dog food solution. All (environmentally) packaged up and delivered to your door.

What about the price?

This is the start of something huge but in the meantime we’ve gotta start small. And as you probably know, small means more expensive.

For those who already use a Raw Food premix or delivery service – you’ll see that our prices are on par and sometimes lower than most.

What you’ve gotta remember is that this is not mass-produced beef from big, foreign-owned farming enterprises. Neither are our livestock feedlotted and processed in massive, frightening facilities.

What you get here comes mostly from Mum & Dad farmers, processed in a thoughtful, humane manner and packaged by a few enthusiastic guys and gals in regional Victoria.

I’m only banging on about this because I don’t want you to think ‘Pfffttttt, I can get that for $10 bucks from Woolies’ and assume that we’re just adding a few fancy words and taking the piss with the price 🤷‍♀️

We’re not.

Our prices range from $22/kg down to $12.50/kg on the subscription plans.

Please take a minute to poke around our Shop Page – I think you’ll like it 👇


At the outset, we’ll only have limited availability and can only service Victorian residents. However, we’re working on a national delivery option – so please add your details on this page if you’d like to be kept updated of the rollout.

To read about why & how the slaughter process is humane – visit this post.