Meaty Beef Bones – 5kg

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High welfare, grass-fed beef.   Gully Road Raw – powered by Provenir offers exceptional quality, human grade products from the highest welfare animal production process available in Australia.

What’s in my dinner bowl?  Gully Road grass-fed beef bones are full of nutrients to keep your Doggo healthy and have all the good bits to keep ’em happy chewing away for hours.  Pack may include ribs, feather bone, brisket bones and other non-weight bearing bones.

Durability:  All product is dispatched frozen* and transported in refrigerated trucks.  Product can be defrosted to be consumed fresh or put in the freezer for later.  *Note some defrost may occur in transport, it is perfectly safe to re-freeze product if needed.

Order: Order now for delivery next Friday.  Currently offering weekly cold chain delivery into Melbourne and select regional Victoria centres only.   Expanding into more areas soon!

Subscribe and save: Choose the convenience of a regular delivery and reap the rewards in savings!  Subscribe  Weekly – save 20%,  Fortnightly – save 15%, Monthly – save 10%.

Pack Size:  5kg of Bones for Little Teef or Big Chompers



Delivery Info

Orders placed on &  before Thursdays and are dispatched the following Monday for delivery on Tuesday.

At this stage delivery is only available in Victoria – Roll out into other states isn’t far away, so please enter your details here so we can let you know when it’s available.

Packaging Info

🐝 Here at Gully Road, we get a real bee on our bonnet with wasteful single-use plastic packaging. And while we really strive to be 100% plastic free, sometimes it’s just not suitable from a food safety and food waste perspective.

Sooo… the trays your produce will arrive in are Plantic® trays. They are made from 1/3 plant based materials, and 2/3 recycled PET plastics.  They are 100% recyclable, including the soft plastic film covering – as long as it remains connected to the tray. 

These trays are a real balance between staying clear of plastic, and packaging our RAW food in a way that is food-safe and keeps the product fresh. As soon as we find a suitable alternative you can bet we’ll be using that instead 👍



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Little Teef, Big Chompers


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